Europos kraštovaizdžio architektūros mokyklų tarybos kvietimas

Europos kraštovaizdžio architektūros mokyklų tarybos kvietimas

Mieli LKAS nariai, Dalinamės Europos kraštovaizdžio architektūros mokyklų tarybos kvietimu kandidatuoti į ECLAS valdymo organus. Kvietimas anglų kalba:

Dear Delegates, dear Presidents and Secretariats of National Associations, dear members of IFLA Europe,

Please find attached letter from Ellen Fetzer, President of ECLAS – European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools inviting interested persons to apply for ECLAS positions of Vice President, Treasurer and General Secretary.

“The ECLAS Executive Committee is in a moment of transition and renewal, since many members are coming to the end of their terms in September this year.

For the sustainability of our organisation it is vital to invite new people to the board now. It is a great way of gaining or deepening experience in international cooperation. ECLAS is involved in a broad spectrum of activities and also open to support new European initiatives.

ECLAS is run by a group of volunteers who are committed to advancing the European academic community in landscape architecture. The group meets online once a month and during the ECLAS conference.

This September, various members who have served ECLAS for many years will leave the committee because our statutes do not allow any further extension of their terms.

Ellen Fetzer offers to continue for a second term as ECLAS president to make sure that the transition to the new committee will work smoothly.

The following positions on the ECLAS Executive Board are therefore open for nominations. Anyone who is part of an ECLAS member institution can be nominated:
* ECLAS Vice President. The role of ECLAS Vice President is to follow the process of the ECLAS Executive Committee as a whole and to support the overall strategic development of the organisation. Formally, the vice president represents ECLAS and supports the president in that role wherever needed.
* ECLAS Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for the sustainable and democratically controlled financial management of the organisation. The activity is supported by the ECLAS office. The organisation is financially in a stable situation and the management of funds has been well structured over the past years. It is a very crucial position for the operations of ECLAS.
* ECLAS General Secretary: The General Secretary oversees the main processes of the organisation in close coordination with the other members of the Executive Board. In the future, we would like to link this position closer to the communications of ECLAS.

In addition, the ECLAS Executive Committee is in need of new members to follow-up members who will retire soon from this group. The Committee needs support particularly in the following fields:
* Monitoring of the European Landscape Convention, for which ECLAS is a recognized NGO
* Development of the ECLAS Conference: innovative formats, outreach and topics
* Development of the ECLAS support for doctoral students
* Initiatiating new ECLAS publication projects
* Supporting the ECLAS communications
* Review of the ECLAS Education Guide
* Supporting the ECLAS Awards
* Liasing with current or new ECLAS partner organisation, we need in particular a liaison to AESOP

In addition, you may join the ExCo with a new development field which you find relevant for the academic community. We are interested in hearing your ideas.

We a currently looking for an open debate with potential new members. Therefore, the timeline would be as follows:
* Until June 30: Indicate your interest, or suggest someone, directly to the ECLAS office ( ( ), let us briefly know why and in which fields you would like to support the organisation
* Until July 15: We will invite you to a briefing meeting, explain how the Executive Committee works and discuss how you could get involved
* July 15 – September 10: Formal nomination period
* September 14: The ECLAS General Assembly will vote for the new Executive Committee and Executive Board at its annual plenary meeting. We will most likely do this as a proxy voting following up the online meeting, which is part of the ECLAS Conference.
* New terms will start on October 1, 2021
* One term has three years, members can stay up to three terms in their position.

I hope we could raise your interest and we are looking forward to involving creative people with good ideas, shaping the next generation of our academic network.

Best wishes

Ellen Fetzer
ECLAS President

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