Nostalgia, Empathy and Hope by Mrs Lala Wilbraham

Nostalgia, Empathy and Hope by Mrs Lala Wilbraham 

In the British magazine Historic Gardens Review (issue 38, November 2018, p. 23–28) is presented the research into Count Tyszkiewicz family’s led to Lithuanian gardens designed by French landscape architect Edouard André at the end of the 19th century. It is the article by Mrs Lala Wilbraham „Nostalgia, Empathy and Hope“.

Author write: “I have excellent reasons for not writing this piece: I’m neither a horticulturalist, landscape designer nor historian; I’ve never seen a garden by the great French designer, Edouard André, and – as a Pole born in Argentina brought up in Brazil and living in England – I’ve never been in Lithuania. <…> It all began as I started to translate material about my family for my grandchildren”. 

 Lala Wilbraham (Klara Mycielska) has a BA Hons in Psychology from Manchester University, where she has worked freelance as a translator and interpreter, has co-authored an academic book, written articles for magazines and assisted her husband in his work.

In the end of September 2017 Mrs Lala Wilbraham attended an International Conference in Traku Voke that commemorated the 150th anniversary of the birth and the 75th anniversary of the death of René André. She saw the Tyszkiewicz estates and their parks near Vilnius, in Traku Voke, Lentvaris and Uzutrakis for the first time. André’s creation in Lithuania was very impressed the guest – a nostalgia and empathy, and many illustrations are presented in this article.

“Yet I can’t but be hugely impressed with the unstinting drive of the people who continue to battle to save it. Thus, the third word in the title of this article – hope – has to remain” – written by the author.  You can read a copy of the article here.

 Lala Wilbraham and Vaiva Deveikiene at International Conference, Traku Voke, 2017

LALA Information Service, 21st January, 2019.